Thank you for your interest in assisted breeding at Allegheny Veterinary Services. We offer complete canine reproductive services at our animal hospital, ranging from pre-breeding exams through high-risk or planned cesarean sections. Our veterinarians support responsible breeding and therefore will promote genetic testing, and other health screenings such as OFA and PennHip to aid in breeding decisions and help reduce the incidence of unwanted heritable conditions.

What You Need to Know

The availability of frozen and chilled semen makes it possible for breeders to choose a stud dog from anywhere in the world. Our recommendation on the method of insemination will depend on several factors, including but not limited to: the type and quality of semen used, the age and reproductive history of the bitch, and risk factors for the bitch.

Breeding Options

Natural Breeding

Artificial Insemination (AI): with fresh, chilled, or frozen semen. AI techniques include vaginal insemination, transcervical insemination, and surgical implant.

Vaginal insemination: Performed when the veterinarian places the sperm in the vaginal vault, right at the rim of the cervix. This is most similar to natural breeding. This is performed as an outpatient procedure and does not require sedation.

Surgical AI: Patient is placed under general anesthesia, a small incision is made in the abdominal wall, the uterine horns are elevated, and the semen is injected into the horns. Patients recover quickly and seldom experience complications following this procedure, but do need to be kept quiet for 10-14 days.

Allegheny Veterinary Services will make all efforts for a successful breeding and favorable outcome of pregnancy. However, pregnancy cannot be guaranteed.

How to Prepare:

Schedule a Pre-Breeding/Wellness Exam: Our veterinarians will conduct a thorough exam on the bitch to determine her health status prior to breeding and discuss ongoing or potential health problems. Good preventative care is essential to a healthy pregnancy. Vaccinations, deworming and other preventative care may be conducted at this exam or recommended prior to moving forward with breeding plans.

Genetic Testing: The following website references offer information for breed-specific genetic testing. Results of genetic testing may affect the sire choice.

AKC Dog Breeds

OFA CHIC (Canine Health Information Center)

UCDavis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory

Multidrug Sensitivity (MDR1)

OFA & PennHIP: More information can be found at the OFA Website and PennHIP website.

Choose a Sire: It is your responsibility to choose a sire and complete all contract, stud fee, and shipping arrangements with the sire owner/manager. A copy of the contract must be provided for our records so that we may be familiar with any special requests or requirements of the contract (i.e.: shipping limitations, breeding technique requirements, diagnostic requirements).

Monitor your bitch for estrus (swelling of the vulva, vaginal bleeding).

What to Expect

Present the bitch in estrus.: The bitch should be presented within 5-7 days from the start of her cycle (or 5-7 days from the first day that you note vaginal bleeding) to examine her and acquire baseline information. If there is any doubt or your bitch has a history of cycling quickly, she should be presented sooner.
Progesterone Testing: Repeated progesterone testing will help determine when to order semen and subsequently breed. This will require short visits to draw blood samples. Retesting is determined by the results acquired from each sample. The following values are used as a guide.
Ordering Collection and Semen Shipment: This should be arranged by you and the stud owner/manager. Semen should be shipped directly to our office via FedEx or UPS to 1605 Parsons Road, Elkins, WV 26241. The tracking number should be emailed to our office at
Breeding: Our veterinarian will receive the semen, check the sample, and breed the bitch by a previously determined method. Vaginal insemination is performed as an outpatient procedure. Surgical insemination will require day admission and may require an overnight stay. An estimated whelping date will be calculated based on 63 days post ovulation.
Ultrasound: A pregnancy ultrasound will be scheduled for 21-28 days post-breeding. This will allow us to confirm pregnancy, estimate the number of pups, assess fetal health, and rule-out pyometra or other complications.
Xray: An abdominal x-ray will be scheduled for approximately 50-55 days of gestation. This will provide a final count of puppies and a final exam prior to whelping. The potential for a planned C-section will be discussed at this appointment.
Planned C-section: In some instances, such as a high-risk pregnancy, a planned C-section may be recommended. These are planned at approximately 63 days from the date of ovulation during regular office hours with a full staff.
Post Whelping Exam: A post whelping exam will be scheduled at 2-3 days of the age of the pups. Tail docks and dewclaw removal will be done at this time.


• Payment is due at the time services are performed by AVS.
• Stud fees, semen collection and shipping fees are the responsibility of the client or bitch owner and should be paid prior to planned breeding to avoid delays.

General Estimates

Please note that all of the estimates provided below are general and exact charges will differ with each patient.

Pre-Breeding Exam & Preventative Care: $175-300
Breeding consultation with physical exam, vaccinations, fecal exam, 4Dx testing, one dose of monthly preventative

Assisted Breeding

Assisted Natural Service

Vaginal Artificial Insemination: $ 250 – 700
Price will vary depending on number of progesterone tests and vaginal cytologies performed. Saturday breedings will be assessed additional after-hours fees.

Surgical Artificial Insemination: $ 700 – 1200
Price will vary depending on number of progesterone tests and vaginal cytologies performed. Saturday breedings will be assessed additional after-hours fees.

Pregnancy Exam:
Ultrasound for pregnancy confirmation: $100
Xray for puppy count: $200

C-section: $800 minimum for planned up to $2500 for emergency.
Please note that additional fees will apply if performed outside of regular business hours on an emergency basis. A complete detailed estimate can be provided at each appointment.

Canine Breeding Contract

Please complete the following form to finalize planning: Canine Breeding Contract

Contact Allegheny Veterinary Service

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