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We Are Looking for Qualified Veterinary Externs & Technicians in Elkins, WV


Allegheny Veterinary Services is committed to supporting the future of the veterinary profession by hosting eligible students at our practice. Veterinary externships are made available to matriculating students interested in participating in clinical rotations. Veterinary professional students and pre-veterinary students are scheduled according to qualifications and are granted preferred status. Please note that veterinary technician students are welcomed, as well. Schedules will be based on available space and time. Interested students: All applicants must submit a resume including a cover letter and requested dates to the Practice Manager, Katie, by email. At Allegheny Veterinary Services, we are currently seeking a highly motivated, friendly veterinary technician to work with us at our practice in Elkins! As an animal technician, you will be handling many important duties, including administering tests, assisting veterinarians with making health-related observations, collecting samples, updating medical records, and much more. Our ideal candidate must be comfortable preparing animals for surgery, handling many types of animals, communicating with pet owners effectively, restraining animals (as necessary), delivering anesthesia, and managing/ordering inventory. The candidate must have basic computer proficiency, as well as the ability to efficiently utilize a modern computerized medical record system. During our busy season, you must expect and be able to manage long workdays, during which you will alternate weekend work with our other technicians. Several employment benefits are available, including: work uniform, vacation, retirement, and continuing education. Qualified individuals should contact our office as soon as possible.


Our practice is currently looking for a friendly, motivated technician to join our practice! As a large animal technician, you will be responsible for assisting our doctors with large animal patients including horses, cows, goats, pigs, and llamas. Our candidate must be comfortable with patient handling, patient care, communicating with clients, inventory management, and ordering. Basic computer skills are required, as we use a computerized medical records system. Long work days during the busy season should be expected. Rotating weekend work with other technicians is required. Benefits include: continuing education, uniform, vacation, and retirement.

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